Company Overview

SEL Systems design manufacture and supply security products and services, our experience covers; 'stealth' visual/audio and transmission security solutions, systems integration and deployable video and audio monitoring systems   We are current in all aspects of protection, risk management, information security and its loss.  We have over 25 years knowledge and experience in video surveillance, technical surveillance and counter surveillance.  However, as a company, we maintain a minimalist profile giving you all the benefits with total discretion.

# Technical Solutions for Police/Council Safety Partnerships

# Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Operations (TSCM)

# Surveillance Vehicles

# Maritime Security

# Covert & Overt CCTV

# Systems & RF Design

# Remote Command & Control Stations

# Video & Audio Transmission

# Technical Surveillance

SEL Systems designs and implements tailored security solutions to meet exacting client requirements in the U.K. and many other countries.  Our ability to adapt security measures and solutions to specific environments, national conditions and local culture, is an essential feature of our services.

Email: enquiry@selsystems.co.uk - Tel: +44 (0)1279 838 509 or + 44 (0)7836 547 704